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Business Information Security with a socially responsible touch.


VNTRS Mission

At VNTRS we strive to create a more aware, resilient and safer (digital) society.

Business Information Security

No digitalization without Security. ‘Business wise’ Information Security consultancy

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Consultancy services

Business Information Security Services to permanently connect IT to business

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VNTRS Social Investments

VNTRS is passioned for cyber and fueled with purpose. We invest in the world!

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Why Business Information Security?

Threats for your business information security… they just keep on coming! Malicious attacks and successful hacks are frontpage material on a daily basis. CEOs, CISOs, CIOs and even complete boards of directors get fired due to financial loss and/or reputation damage after another ‘successful’ hack-attack. Digital threats are on the rise and more companies are struggling to stay ahead of these emerging threats. This is simple reality and could really damage or completely destroy your company.

But enough said about the possible harm it may bring you. What if you are able to benefit from Information Security? Therefor you need to approach Information Security as an integrated part of your digital transformation. At VNTRS Consulting we believe that Information Security should be part of the daily ‘business’. Therefore IT Security should be Business Information Security and must be continuously addresses on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

Simply said: “Just connect the IT world to the business and start protecting what values the most!”

VNTRS Consulting Services

  • Consultancy

    Our services are designed to bridge the gap between IT and business. We connect your IT world to the business. We deliver Business Information Security services to be constantly aware of the the threat landscape which is relevant for your business.

    We apply this at different stages at your organizations and we always stay aligned with your business objectives. We can take the lead or support your organization with the following services:

    • Strategic Planning of Business Information Security
    • Development of Business Information Security plans
    • Security Assessment on for example ISF, ISO, DNB, BIR, BIG etc.
    • Roadmap development based on security assessments
    • Security Awareness Programs


    We evolve Information Security into a continuous business process to be able to stay relevant for your business. We seek for short term quick wins (big bang for your dollar) and provide sustainable advice for the future.

  • Masterclasses

    Continuous education is crucial for companies to be able to deal with cyber security challenges. And it is not for every staff member a necessity to be CISSP, CISM certified or to have other certifications from ISACA or ISC2. Off course go and get certified, but don’t forget to bring in into practice.

    VNTRS Consulting offers a range of Masterclasses for up to 15 people. With thorough expertise in the fields of SOC, SIEM, Threat Intelligence and Business Information Security. Masterclasses are held in 1 or 2 days max.

    The following list give an indication of the masterclass elements:

    • Business Alignment
    • Business Information Security Governance
    • Business Information Security Strategy development
    • Business Information Security Planning
    • Improving SOC capabilities
    • Effective Use Case modelling for SIEM
    • Setting up Threat Intelligence (People and process)

  • SOC Maturity Assessments

    What we do

    We deliver a well thought through SOC Maturity Assessment based on a questionnaire which has evolved through time and experience.We deliver thorough GAP analysis and a tailored roadmap in order to prepare your SOC for the next maturity step in your SOC Services.

    How it works

    By inspiring, guiding and educating – not staccato telling- with compassion and contextual sensitivity. By empowering your organization to take control. By backing findings up with evidence and facts and by being relentlessly curious during interviews.

    Why we do it

    There is an increasing demand in insights on the Capability maturity level of Customers regardless of the industry ultimately to be optimally prepared in delivering best in class and tailored services to customers.

    SOC Maturity Assessment is a great service to get more insights and visibility on how well your service is actually performing in relation with how you want it to perform ideally and ultimately how to achieve that desired situation.


VNTRS is short for venturous, which equals entrepreneurial, but also implies being able to embark on unusual or difficult course of actions. VNTRS Consulting is a consulting firm which is specialized in the field of Business Information Security.

About the founder

VNTRS Consulting was founded by Melvin Broersma. He started his career in cyber security directly after graduating in 2006. After several great adventures at great companies and getting to know great people, He is packed with experience and business understanding. So he started his venturous journey in building his own Business Information Security company.

Bridge the gap

Connecting to the business with (IT) security challenges is often a venturous path, but we are confident to establish that connection with pragmatic, to the point business information security consultancy and solutions.

VNTRS Social Investment

VNTRS Consulting is passioned for cyber and fueled with purpose! We prefer total company value rather than (often empty) financial value alone. We believe in doing something good for this world and that’s why we invest in social programs with the profits we make.

No one has ever become poor by giving ~ Anne Frank

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